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Commitment to Transparency

Leadiant Biosciences Ltd. is committed to upholding and abiding by the highest ethical standards. We aim to adhere to principles of good governance and transparency working with integrity for the welfare of patients.

We aim to comply with the principles laid out in the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) Code of Practice, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and local regulatory codes in the country of operation.


Interactions and collaboration with healthcare professionals and organisations is integral and invaluable to the exchange of quality information and clinical research that enhances patient care. It is recognised that transparency with regards to these interactions is essential to building trust and Leadiant Biosciences aims to comply with the ABPI and EFPIA disclosure requirements.

Disclosure of Payments to Healthcare System

In line with ABPI requirements, Leadiant Biosciences Ltd. makes an annual disclosure of transfers of value to healthcare organisations (HCOs), healthcare practitioners (HCPs) and other relevant decision makers (ORDMs). Please visit the Disclosure UK website for further information

Disclosure of Payments to Patient Organisations

Patient advocacy groups and patient organisations are integral to ensure improved outcomes for rare disease patients. Leadiant Biosciences Ltd. aims to foster trust and is committed to supporting rare disease patients, through working with patient organisations and patient advocacy groups in a transparent manner.

Leadiant identifies the organisation through a thorough screening of all payments made and cross-checking with the compliance approval system. All transfers of value specified in our disclosure are denominated in GBP. If the original payment was made in other currencies, these are converted into GBP for disclosure purposes using the foreign exchange rate on closing on the day of payment. Amounts disclosed in GBP may therefore vary from the exact amount paid in the local currency.

The support provided to patient organisations is disclosed below in compliance with ABPI code.

  • 2021 Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity, 45 Peckham High Street, London, SE15 5EB, £2,500

Clinical Trial Transparency

Leadiant Bioscience Ltd. is committed to clinical trial transparency and aims to share clinical trial and study protocols, study related information and summary results in public registries such as, ISRCTN and the European Union electronic Register of Post-Authorisation Studies (EU PAS Register).