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Everyone at Leadiant Biosciences works with rare dedication to provide therapies for patients with rare diseases. We partner with patient communities, physicians and researchers worldwide to overcome challenges and be a resource of hope.


Leadiant Biosciences Ltd. is the International arm of the Leadiant Biosciences Group. Formerly known as Sigma-Tau Rare Disease, Leadiant Biosciences is a research-based global pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, registration and commercialization of novel and effective therapies that address the needs and improve the quality of life of patients suffering from rare and ultra-rare diseases.

Founded in Italy in 1957 originally as part of sigma-tau ifr S.p.A., our team combines experience, passion and commitment to delivering treatments to patients who need them. As a company, we focus first and foremost on serving patients. We continually reinvest in our company and technology to enhance our ability to develop the next generation of pharmaceuticals used to meet the challenges of specific diseases.

Leadiant Biosciences, Inc. is the North American arm of the Leadiant Biosciences Group.