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Rare Dedication

Welcome to Leadiant Biosciences Ltd.

The product information provided in this website is intended only for residents living outside North America.

About Leadiant Biosciences

Leadiant Biosciences Ltd. is a UK pharmaceutical company owned by Essetifin SpA, a Rome based holding company with subsidiaries in the US (Leadiant Biosciences, Inc.) and Europe (Leadiant Biosciences Ltd., Leadiant Biosciences SASU and Leadiant GmbH).

Leadiant Biosciences Ltd. develops, registers and commercializes novel and effective therapies addressing patient needs and improving their quality of life. At Leadiant Biosciences, our legacy of serving patients is as strong as the future we envision.

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Research and Development

See our advancing pipeline of new drug and therapeutic candidates

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Metabolic Diseases

Leadiant Biosciences provides innovative therapies for specific metabolic diseases.


Leadiant Biosciences provides innovative therapies in the oncology disease area.